“Embark on a collaborative journey towards a better future together
at Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand”

Expo 2028 Phuket Thailand

“Future of Life: Living in Harmony, Sharing Prosperity”
will advocate global challenges focusing on People, Planet and Prosperity, under the theme “Future of Life”, living in harmony, sharing prosperity. The Expo aims to establish innovative & collaborative solutions towards sustainable living by 2030 and beyond.

Why Do We Need to Redefine “The Future of Life”?

It is evident that health hazard, climate crisis, biodiversity loss, as well as deeper problems of inequalities which inhibit people’s access to a life of well-being, are not merely local crisis but global issues we all face.

It is more important now than ever to reflect the path we’ve walked and the impacts it leaves on the lives of the People and the health of the Planet, so we may set our course towards the future of mutual Prosperity. We have come so far as a species but only together can we go beyond as a civilization.

EXPO 2028 Phuket Thailand would like to invite all mankind to join force for a better tomorrow together under the theme Future of Life: Living in Harmony, Sharing Prosperity as we explore and establish collaborative solutions to crack the code for future where lives mean vitality and prosperity through 3 sub-themes of 1. Life and Well-Being (People), 2. Human and Nature (Planet), and 3. Mutual Prosperity (Prosperity).

“Unlock the path towards sustainable future living for all through 3 subthemes”

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